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Curious Mind

There are endless things that fascinate me. As a curious person and lifelong learner, there is always something I’m googling or reading up on.

Flocks of birds that move together in amazing, mesmerizing motion called murmurations ( like these).

The way newborn animals like horses and giraffes get on their feet within the first few minutes of birth.

People who have super interesting career paths.

The fact that human beings are the only animals with chins!?!? 

The list could go on, but a lot of my fascinations are generally based on things I can’t quite comprehend. Like when we watched The Martian, I was captivated by all the space science, physics and math talk. It’s like their speaking another language to me ( especially since I’m terrible at math), but I’m just captivated by it. Q and I watched a fascinating documentary Particle Fever  about this huge atom collider in Switzerland. I couldn’t even try to explain what it does, what they’re trying to prove, or anything remotely related to the science of it, but it caught my attention and interest like nothing else. Maybe in my past life I was some sort of scientist.

I think part of it is the general awe of how much is in the world– how much we know and constantly learn about science, nature, space, and so on. But also how much there STILL is to learn. Again, as a curious person this is endlessly fascinating to me– that somewhere in the rain forest of South America there is a little tiny insect or frog that no one has found yet, but that someday will be discovered and someone will name after their mother.

I love this about myself, this quest for learning. Seriously, the above link to the article about chins nearly blew my mind and I talked about it with whoever would listen, even bringing it up totally randomly in a work meeting that had nothing to do with chins ( other than looking at a photo of someone with a large one). It’s one of my quirks– something that the smartphone and iPad have only intensified since I can look up my random musings of life right away. Side note: this may be one of Q’s biggest pet peeves with me as every time we watch a movie, I’m usually right next to him looking up the real story behind the plot or some random historical fact.

In any case, this love of learning just about anything is making me realize, as I think about my next career move, that I could do almost anything and probably love it. Well, minus science or math. But my interest in these topics makes me realize that while I could not be a practitioner on the subjects or even explain them very clearly to people that my love of learning and passion for knowledge puts me in a great spot to support folks who do amazing things and help others get excited for them too. I still don’t know what the next step is for me, but owning the fact that as long as I’m challenged and learning on a pretty much daily basis, makes me feel confident that whatever happens next will feed that part of who I am.


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One thought on “Curious Mind

  1. You and I are very much alike in regards to curiosity and learning. I always want to know how things work or why something is the way it is. Sometimes the answers that I get are fascinating, sometimes not satisfying at all… but there always is the urge to want to know more! 😉

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