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Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women

Greetings February

Apparently, the groundhog did not see his shadow this morning, so 6 weeks of spring-like weather await. Seeing as it was in the 60s in my end of New England yesterday, I believe it. Fingers crossed the mild weather continues and that no snow storms come February 22-23rd to New England or Mid Atlantic as the loan show objects for my new exhibition are traveling on those days. Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself.

In any case, February! This month my main focus is a no-spend month. Of course there will be regular bill pays, groceries, and some needed supplies like toilet paper, but otherwise, no buying for me. I did some hefty sale shopping after Christmas and am actively trying to pare down my wardrobe, so mostly this month is about no clothes or shoes shopping. It also works out well that as this month ends, then it’s my birthday so I can think very smartly and strategically about what I want to buy myself to celebrate, besides my annual birthday massage ritual. I’m trying to ’embrace’ the belongings I have and see how I can make various clothes and accessories I have already work for me, instead of running out to whatever retailer to get something to fit some imagined hole I think I have in my closet.

This month, with its 3 day weekend without Little Man right in the middle, is a great time to ’embrace’ our house and see what improvements we’d like to make this year. I’m eyeing some changes to our living room/dining room setup and something to do to bring some color into my very beige kitchen (more to come on this). Over the weekend a coworker took a table and chairs off my hands that has been languishing in my basement for a few years ( a hand me down from my brother that never worked in our space) and since I’ve been spending more time down there to exercise, I’m thinking of ways we can use the basement more for family time.

Other than that, work, both my full-time job and freelance writing, is in a bit of a busy push which is great, if exhausting. Nice to feel challenged on an almost daily basis!

What’s up for your February plans?

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