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This weekend, my older (and only!) brother got engaged to his girlfriend of a few years. I couldn’t be happier for them both. The two of them are so well-suited for each other and she has been part of the family for so long now, this next step for them is just wonderful.

My Dad knew before he passed away that my brother was thinking about asking her to marry him and he loved her like a daughter. She helped my Dad clean 2 turkey carcasses after Thanksgiving this year ( his most hated Turkey Day task) and that simple act alone made her golden to him. I know my father smiles down on all of us everyday, but I have no doubt he was extra proud and excited this weekend for my brother and my soon to be sister-in-law 🙂

My brother and I are barely 2 years apart; growing up we argued about the usual brother/sister things- who had control of the tv/remote control, who got the last cookie, or who was sitting to close to the other on a long car trip. We argued in the stupid silly ways that teenagers do and my brother was my frequent chauffeur when he got his license and a car. He was there the night I turned 21 and drank far too much, and has helped me move furniture, hang ceiling fans, and set up electronics more times than I can count. We have become closer as we have grown older, something which I will always cherish.

A lot of divorced people are cynical about love and marriage after they come out of a failed one. I’m not. I believe in love more than ever and know to appreciate it when I see it. On Saturday when my brother text me to tell me he bought the ring, I was at lunch with Q. I am excited for my brother– we both were ( although Q called it saying he didn’t think bro would be able to wait to ask her!). We long joked that my brother would be the eternal bachelor- he even dislikes holding babies still.

It’s a bittersweet time for the family so close to when my Dad passed, but it’s exciting too to think about the celebration of the love of my brother and his lady coming in the future. I’m so proud and happy for my brother.


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One thought on “Brother

  1. Congrats on your brother’s engagement. I love how you talk about him and your family and your strong believe in marriage/love! 🙂

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