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5 on Friday (#4)

1. Maybe it’s because the winter has seemed ridiculously long and almost every day since Dad died seems hard, but January and February have dragged on for me. March is a month filled with lots of good things ( my birthday, anniversary with Q, spring, changing the clocks) and I’m happy, but surprised!, it came along so quickly.

2. I’m giving up online games for Lent. Only exception to this is NY Times Crossword on the iPad. I’m hoping this will become a permanent change. I don’t want to admit how many hours I’ve wasted away on Candy Crush and Farm Heroes. RIDICULOUS is what that is.

3. My mom and I had our theater night last night- we saw Peter & The Starcatcher.  It wasn’t on our regular subscription package but we switched one show for it. I’m so happy we did. It was light-hearted and funny, which was what both my mom and I needed. Highly recommend it if it comes to a theater near you!

4. I had to go renew my driver’s license before Tuesday and finding time in my busy work schedule and the limited open times of the MA RMV was becoming challenging. I did not want to spend my precious time off on Monday sitting at the registry to get it done. Thankfully, a meeting got out early yesterday and I was able to make it over to the registry. When I got there and got my ticket, the ID renewal wait time was 0 minutes! PSYCH. 45 minutes later, I left with my new ID. Talk about false hope. Also, people watching at the Registry of Motor Vehicles is quite entertaining.

5. This week was ridiculously long and getting out of bed every day was a chore. You’d think there was molten lava under the bed the way I protested every morning. Three day weekend coming up for me. I like to take my birthday off from work, but it falls on Tuesday so decided to make it a 3 day weekend instead. Monday looks like some more gross snow/rain/slushy gross mix but I’ll be getting a massage and maybe doing some sale rack browsing, plus a birthday dinner ( of Indian food!) with the family. 

Happy weekend and March!

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