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5 on Friday (#3)

1. I wrote last week about getting back into the groove in the kitchen. Recent highlights include: baked chicken, orzo, feta and dill; pork tenderloin in the crockpot; chicken mozambique, and sweet& sour kielbasa stirfry. There were some regular favorites in there ( tacos! spaghetti with Italian sausage!), but I’m hoping to do 2 or so new recipes a week.

2. I finally listed my wedding band for sale– only took me almost 2 years to get around to it. Hopefully it will find a happy couple. I’m hoping it doesn’t take me 2 years to getting around to selling my wedding gown and other accessories. I’m also thinking about selling a bunch of my porcelain dolls from childhood, but that’s an undertaking that requires some research. Worse case I guess is I just sell it all at the family yard sale in June.

3. I haven’t been watching all that much of the Olympics this time around. We’ve been watching a lot of movies lately ( Austenland was super cute) and our favorite shows like Walking Dead and Downton Abbey ( Q mostly watches this because I’m watching it haha).

4. My coworker is in San Antonio this weekend for a wedding and it’s something like 80 degrees there. I’m jealous. I’ve never been one to have seasonal depression, but I’m just so blah lately with the weather and missing Dad. Yesterday the sun was out and I was so happy I felt like running around outside yelling. I didn’t, but it gave me hope that spring isn’t too far away.

5. Plans for this weekend include taco night tonight, sleeping in, and some small house projects, family time, and more movie watching. Relaxing weekend of not much going on is quite needed.

Happy weekending!

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