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Cleaning Out The Closet

In my quest to simplify and to build confidence, I’ve been going through and weeding out a lot of my closet. I’m trying to keep the minimal closet idea in mind though I will admit it’s been really tough. I want to have clothes in my closet that I actually wear, look great on me, and make me feel good.

Last night I did laundry and as I was folding, an Old Navy top that I’ve had for at least three years came out of the laundry basket into my hand at just the right angle that the light caught it, revealing that the fabric was pretty much worn through and super thin from so much wear. I thought about putting it right back on its hanger as it’s a top I’ve worn both to work and out on the weekends, and is also one of those that is slimming even on the worst days.

Knowing all this, I put it in the donation bag I started in the bottom of my closet. Yes, I love that top, but I’m about to wear it to threads. I probably should have actually trashed it as I don’t imagine it has a whole lot of resale thrift value. As I was putting away the rest of the laundry, I noticed I had ten long sleeve tee shirts. Now, some of these tees have been relegated to the hanging around the house pile because of stains or being a bit snug from weight gain and over drying. But that excuse doesn’t fly anymore. There is no need for two black long sleeve tee s, nor do I need long sleeve tees that are just for being lazy around the house, but not for going out in public. Off to the donation pile at least four of them went.

Then a weird thing happened as I was getting ready for bed. I started to feel this weird pull towards two of the tops I threw in, even though I know I haven’t worn them in months, and don’t recall if I did last year or not. I felt guilty for putting them in the donation pile- what if I lose weight and they look better on me? What if I need a dusty pink colored long sleeve tee in the future? Maybe I should keep them and try selling them?

The answer to all of these things is of course- if I needed or wanted or wore it, then it wouldn’t be in the pile. Holding onto something for a potential thing that could happen in the future is what has led me to having so many random pieces of clothing in the first place. This is the habit I’m trying to break and so I ignored what felt like the sound of the crying clothes from the closet and went to bed. This morning I didn’t even give it a second thought.

This weekend, I’m going to work my way through the closet, hopefully in the same systematic way. I’m also going to ‘make outfits’ so I can figure out what to do with those random skirts or sweaters I just don’t know how to make work. And if nothing works for them, off they go!

Related to this, is my wedding gown and various wedding day accessories. After my divorce, I was hell bent on selling everything related to that day, but I have changed my tune. I chose each item because I loved them and felt and looked great in them. They get to stay because they are about me, not about the marriage or my ex husband  This goes for my wedding gown. I’m trying to think of ways to re purpose it– since it was a formal ballgown I have a lot of material and beading to work with, so I’m brainstorming creative things to do that express and celebrate who I am now. Selling the dress would be giving up the dreams, hopes, and ideas of love I had– and even those things have changed drastically from the day I wore the gown, I want that dress to somehow now serve as a reminder of standing up for myself and choosing a life of loving myself instead.

If anyone has any ideas or inspiration for re purposing a wedding gown, I’d love to hear them!

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One thought on “Cleaning Out The Closet

  1. well, i don’t have any ideas about repurposing a wedding gown, BUT i am right there with you in the purging mission. i cannot even believe how much stuff i’ve held on to, some items i’ve never even WORN, and yes, i also have those run down threadbare things that have become such a comfort but their time is obviously long over – working on replacing everything slowly but surely and definitely donating all of the things that don’t make me feel amazing RIGHT NOW – i’ve donated 2 garbage bags this year and have a box going of more stuff right now!

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