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Who Says PJs aren’t chic?

I rang in the New Year around 10pm on Saturday night. Actually, my first celebration of 2012 came many hours earlier at a coffee date with my friend Jenn. The cafe had CNN on in the background and they were showing the celebration in Seoul. I said Happy New Year to her. Later that day, I was out with my mom and it was New Year’s in Iran. We wished each other a Happy New Year and then said we were thankful we weren’t in Iran.

The point of all of this is to say I rang in the New Year in the way I wanted- quietly at my house, in my chic PJs. If I remembered to, I would have taken a picture of my snazzy New Year’s attire, since everyone else was snapping photos of their sequined duds for the last/first night of the year. I had on my most comfy and ridiculous purple sweatpants styled with the coolest of hoodies. I spent the  night reading a fluff book and watching Mad Men, drinking wine and eating fresh bread, cheese, and chocolate. It was utterly me and utter perfection.

With the new year, a lot of changes are swirling all around me. New life status, living alone, small house DIY projects, cooking adventures, reading at least fifty new books, and more. I have a lot of goals for myself, the biggest being this blog, but I have never been filled with more excitement and anticipation in my life.

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2 thoughts on “Who Says PJs aren’t chic?

  1. Donna Decker on said:

    Yours sounds like the perfect New Year’s Eve, being with someone who loves and understands you, enjoying fine food and wine, and wearing clothes that make you feel like a comfy queen. You are a mentor to us all, as you launch a new year of change and promise! I am proud of you, my dear.

  2. I’m hoping you start a new trend for New Years 2013. PJs all the way! Sounds like the most perfect way to ring in the new year that I can think of.

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