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Already behind the 8 Ball!

I have two or three posts ready to go but need to add photos to them– for those who know me, I am horrible at getting photos off my camera and actually uploading and sharing them with people. Don’t even get me started about printing photos. In the year and a half I was married, I printed I think 2 wedding shots ( maybe that was a sign?) and one of those was in bulk for Christmas cards. I am also horrible at remembering to document things as I go along, but I am slooowly improving in that area. Two or three food making adventures will be coming up (with photos!) and the beginning of the Great Wallpaper Peeling of 2012.

Peeling the wallpaper began on Monday night. After a long day at work, I decided peeling wallpaper, making chicken stock, and ripping apart a chicken roaster were good ways to unwind from my day. Updates and photo of the wallpaper are forthcoming, but it was incredibly cathartic to rip the old stuff down. For now, these teasers are from the camera on my phone, which is obviously subpar.

So far two lessons from wallpaper- 1. It sucks to peel it off of 1930 horsehair plaster. If you want an exercise in patience, come to my house and help me. 2. You really never realize how much dust and grossness can accumulate in the corners of a space until you are nose to nose with it trying to get an edge of paper off. And I clean weekly!

When I first ripped wallpaper in the house when purchased in 2009, I discovered that I may be allergic to horse’s hair, which is super convenient since that’s what the walls of my entire house are made of. Yep. Allergic to my own walls it seems. Hence the HEPA filter surgical mask for wallpaper peeling adventures.

I had hoped to be painting by this time since it’s a long weekend for me from work which seemed perfect to devote to home projects, but my lack of pre planning and doing anything before Monday night is making this wallpaper weekend instead. Mama & Papa Costa will join in the ripping down fun! And by ripping down I mean wetting the walls repeatedly to get small square inches off at a time. That’s love ( and free lunch!)

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One thought on “Already behind the 8 Ball!

  1. Jillian on said:

    You’re way more motivated that me! We have the same type of walls and re-wallpapered with more modern stuff until we can replace with sheetrock because I wasn’t patient enough to try and actually get the existing wallpaper off the walls

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