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Friday Finds March 2016

A colleague and friend started a new venture for all the amazing stepmoms out there. I highly recommend checking out, but especially this piece about mourning the life you thought you’d have versus the one you do. Looking forward to connecting with our stepmoms!

To end Women’s History Month, some interesting finds on efforts to get women recognized for their achievements and contributions: finding statues/memorials dedicated to women, and the right to be buried in Arlington National Cemetary after serving in WW2 WASPs.

Shameless self-promotion: a piece of mine over at Sparrows Blog with some finds from the curated home decor site Dot& Bo.

In honor of today being Good Friday and the last Friday in lent, a lesson in why Fridays are for fish.

This was both heartbreaking and uplifting: teen volunteers to help mourn those who die alone.

As a person who is muddling through the what next? of my career, this listing of successful authors who took a longer route to their dreams gives me hope.

Ever wonder what happened to figure skater Debi Thomas?

Proof that time doesn’t always heal all wounds: Ryan White’s town still dealing with tensions from 1980s and his AIDS diagnosis.

My undergrad senior project was about World War II nurses so this article about Mimi Greeley’s birthday was just wonderful  ( plus love the image of her in all pink with the boa!)

As a person who dislikes having to buy something more than once, this concept of ‘buy me once‘ is definitely something I believe in!

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