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Healthy Changes

In an effort to try to live healthier, I’m working hard to change some habits in our household.

Grocery store: I go too often. I wish I could make it once a week and then another trip to the farmstand for local veggies, but somehow I’m there 2-3 times a week, which I detest greatly because I end up  buying random items that we don’t need and ruining the tightly watched budget. Trying to remedy this with better meal planning.

Walking: Q gets home about an hour before I do and often is still dealing with work paperwork/client emails when I get home. With the increased heat, I’ve taken the time between getting home and dinner to sit around with the iPad tooling on the web/blogs/facebook/Farm Heroes or reading. Then I make dinner and we end up on the sofa, watching some bad movie or TV show and usually I end up back on the iPad. I’m going to start walking before or after dinner ( heat/weather depending) and hope he comes with me. We used to walk all the time, but he’s on his feet a lot more with his new job, so walking around the neighborhood is the last thing he’s interested in doing some nights.

Decrease iPad time: I admit that I love my iPad and can be found more nights than not on it while Q is watching something on television. And even if I’m interested in something, I often am trying to multitask or do some dual screen stuff. It’s a horrible habit because it totally eats at the conversation with Q, is a bad distraction, and doesn’t help with the quieting mind stuff. I also have developed the super bad habit of using the iPad during family movie time with Little Man. This is going to be one of the hardest to break.

Fewer carbs: We stopped eating pasta awhile ago and while Q eats 2 sandwiches a day, we rarely buy bread anymore. I wanted to stop having pasta because it was quickly becoming my go-to easy meal, but when we were having it three or so times a week, I saw a noticeable difference in how my pants fit. Same with pizza. Over the winter we were in a bad pizza ordering rut, but I can’t even remember the last time we had it. We still eat carbs ( grilled cheese is a bit hit in our house), but being aware of it and trying hard to think about the food we eat has made a big difference.


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