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Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women

Enter April

April 1- hard to believe since it still feels like winter here in New England.

A new month and a lot going on- Easter, some work things, my first Providence Lady Project Summit, and getting ready for my brother’s wedding in May. I’m anxious to get outside and start gardening, working on house projects, and walking outside after work again.

With the start of the new month, I’m looking back on some of the goals and plans I set for myself at the beginning of the year. I think I’m doing really well with my theme of cultivate. I am writing almost every night in my personal journal. As an aside, in searching for photos of my grandfather and Dad, I came across my collection of old journals. It seems strange to hold on to them, but also cannot even fathom getting rid of them. What do you all do with your old journals/diaries?

We are doing AWESOME at meal planning and not wasting food. I’m really proud of Q and I for being proactive about using up what we have and thinking ahead. It has helped me not get super stressed at the grocery store and making dinner. That said, I am very excited that we can now find our grill now that the feet of snow are gone because Q can start grilling dinners again. I definitely have cold weather cooking fatigue.

I’m doing well with yoga, walking on treadmill after work– now that the weather has changed, I am antsy to walk outside, both at work on lunch break and after work  at home. The longest winter ever has made me so itchy to be outside all the time. I forsee us spending more hours out in our backyard than ever before this year.

The frigid winter has helped me accomplish some goals inside- new curtains purchased and installed for sunroom, lots of movies knocked off the watch list. I’m doing OK with reading from my own shelf- I did a purge of books from there ( things I was holding onto from grad school in particular) and feel like the books I have are ones I am actually interested in. The only problem I seem to be having is that reading from my own shelf makes me a bit of a lazy reader– when I get a book from the library, I feel the pressure to read it as fast as I can so it can go onto the next reader, especially if I waited a while for it to begin with.

With Lent ending with Easter this weekend, I have thought a lot about spiritual life, but haven’t been to church. I pray on a fairly regular basis, but this is one area which I do want to make an effort to cultivate more.

Overall, I’m feeling good about where I am in life, though still complaining about the weather!


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