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Oscars 2013

What I loved about the Oscars: Ben Affleck. Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing and dancing, as well as some other random singing and dancing celebrities.

What I disliked about the Oscars: Just about everything else.

When I was a kid, staying up to watch the Academy Awards was a big deal for me. I was never allowed to stay up for the entire ceremony, but even being allowed to watch TV past my usual bedtime for even an hour was a special treat. Back then I would record the end of the show on VCR and watch the best parts over and and over again.  The dresses, the celebrities, the tributes, the heartfelt speeches- I loved it all.

I’ve hosted a few Oscar parties over the years and attended my fair share too. This year a weird weekend illness combined with a weekend long migraine left me on the couch in my pajamas alone this year, which considering how anti-climatic and uninteresting the show was this year was a good thing since I was able to be somewhat productive during boring times and commercial breaks.

What I did do was stay off of Twitter during the awards show because the amount of snark out there during the show makes me both equally mad and sad. I don’t care enough about half of what people are wearing or what their speeches say as much as the excitement over recognizing the best of movies from the previous year. I don’t get why people have such a hatred of one person or movie over another and why if someone does in fact like someone, why the rest of the Twitter world feels the need to attack that opinion too. That’s just my perspective and one of the reasons I resisted Twitter for so long because of all the negativity I think it has the possibility to support.

Overall, I thought the show was dull and disjointed. Until Ben Affleck did his acceptance speech at the end, I wasn’t quite drawn to any aspect of the show except for the random singing and dancing in the beginning. Even as a lover of musicals, I thought the whole Chicago, Jennifer Hudson, and Les Mis thing was a bit self-serving to the producers ( who were also producers of Chicago) and less a celebration of movie musicals– and if it really was a celebration of that, why not include something not from the last 10 years? I didn’t think there were any surprises in terms of winners and no one dress really wowed me all that much either, though to be honest, some gals like Charlize Theron could wear a trash bag and look amazing.

And while the whole William Shatner thing in the beginning was the epitome of random, I couldn’t agree more with his idea that Tina Fey & Amy Poehler should host the Oscars…or really just about anything ever.

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4 thoughts on “Oscars 2013

  1. I actually really liked the musical numbers this year, just because I felt like it broke up the program a little bit and gave us something to watch besides acceptance speeches. I was surprised by a few of the winners. Erik and I never got around to seeing Life of Pi, so I didn’t expect it to win so many. Also, as much as I love Jennifer Lawrence, I think Jessica Chastain was robbed. I saw both movies and I just didn’t think Jennifer did an epic, Oscar-worthy performance. It was good, but not as outstanding as Jessica’s and I’m disappointed she lost. So that’s my two cents! 🙂

  2. I typically don’t watch award shows, especially ones like the Oscars since I rarely watch Oscar-worthy movies. (I have juvenile tastes when it comes to movies, I suppose.) But I did watch this year, only because I wanted to see how Silver Lining’s Playbook did (the only Oscar movie I watched this year!). I was thrilled for Jennifer Lawrence’s win! She totally deserved it. 🙂

  3. I have to say the highlight of the evening for me was Anne Hathaway’s acceptance speech. I thought she was so gracious and eloquent. Super impressive.

  4. The Oscars are a hit or miss with me… sometimes I watch them (and like it!) and sometimes I am not interested at all.

    I did watch last weekend and enjoyed it (didn’t think Seth McFarlane was AS terrible as everybody made him out to be) and enjoyed some of the fashion and speeches. Then again, I really have no standards when it comes to this (and frankly, don’t care enough, I guess ;))

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