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Friday Finds February 2013

1. Why is it that 4 day work weeks are so exhausting? I feel more tired after these 4 jampacked days in the office than I do after a regular week? I wish I could say I’m excited by the prospect of another weekend snowstorm to stay inside, but I’m not. It’s ruining plans and I’m OVER winter and a bit sick of being inside ( hermit Kristen of last year can’t believe this!)

2. Speaking of being a hermit, Nicole over at A Life Less Bullshit wrote this really awesome piece about rest and how we have no clue how to actually take time for ourselves anymore. It’s something I’m so guilty of doing- even when I’m taking time for myself by reading or drinking tea, I have the phone and iPad only a close distance away, waiting for whatever ding comes up. I am going to make some self-imposed me time this weekend without electronics or the Netflix crutch.

3. I may have overdosed on Cobb salads. In my quest to eat heartier lunches, I was turning to the yummy Cobb salad at least once a week for its delicious blend of blue cheese, bacon, avocado, and egg. But, it’s safe to say I might be blue cheesed out and hard boiled egg-ed out. I don’t think I could ever get suck if bacon and avocado though.

4. Ashley has some interesting insights on writing and writers that has had me thinking all week. When I was younger, my answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” was always a writer and illustrator. I gave up the illustrator thing pretty quickly and the writer thing just slowly went away as other things came to the surface. In high school I had a teacher who told me my writing was not quality; it took a lot of work and encouragement in college and grad school for me to believe in my writing again and want to do it as part of a job. Every now and again I fantasize about being a full time writer who sits in a sun filled room every single day writing books, but that’s clearly an unrealistic notion of the writer’s life!

5. In the manner of career options, I should have gone into meteorology. Not because I like weather or science ( nor am I particularly good at the latter), but because then I could work at a job where trying to get the right solution really is just a crap shoot half the time. This is not particularly a Friday Favorite, but it’s something I find both comical and ridiculous at the same time. I know weather isn’t an exact science, but with all the amazing technological advances we have in 2013, we can’t figure out better ways to determine weather? Speaking of technological advances, the abilities of 3D printing are AMAZING to me, while at the same time not something I can totally wrap my brain around. But this article- about printing 3D EARS– was both equally cool and scifi movie freaky at the same time.

Side note: this is blog post #95! I’m so excited to hit 100 on my birthday and pumped for the giveaway I’m putting together!

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One thought on “Friday Finds February 2013

  1. I loved Nicole’s post as well. Thanks for sharing those links!

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