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Gratitude through the Senses

I recently read an article in my healthcare newsletter of all places about gratitude through the senses as a new way to connect with what blessings are abundant in life.

After a week of rain here in MA/RI, it is sunny and warm today. I took the opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous weather by taking a thirty minute walk on my lunch. Working on the famed Bellevue Avenue in Newport has many perks, and having a gorgeous view to enjoy while walking is one of the greatest. After my just about a mile walk, I spent some time passing through our formal flower gardens on the grounds.

I am grateful that I smelled fragrant, beautiful flowers in full bloom in the formal gardens on the grounds of my museum.

I am grateful for the sense of touch I had while walking barefoot in the fresh cut, warm green grass.

I am grateful for everything I see around, most especially for the sunshine, no clouds in the sky, and that I noticed small details on my walk that I miss all the time when driving. I’ve worked here just about four years and I saw details on houses, house signs, and other similar details that I would never notice while in the car.

I am grateful for hearing nothing and everything at the same time- the busy sounds of a tourist town at the start of the season ( motor coach buses, lost tourists, traffic) and then within the same few minutes, just the quiet of a seaside town with its regular Friday happenings of dogs barking, landscapers mowing lawns, and the mail truck.

I am grateful for the sense of taste of the water I brought along with me- was a quick walk with a nice cool breeze but the sun gets hot otherwise.

Most of all I’m so incredibly grateful that this is the view I look at every day and that I have the ability to be surrounded and in awe of so much beauty every single day. I certainly take it for granted some times, but I think a walk with the grass in between my toes was enough to remind me to be happy with what I have everyday.

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One thought on “Gratitude through the Senses

  1. That is a lot of gratitude and an AMAZING view 🙂

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