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Book Review: You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior

I grew up in a game playing family. We’d play cards or Bingo at my grandparents’ house on Saturday nights, and as we got older, Scrabble and Cranium were family favorites. Q and I are known to play Phase 10 and Jenga from time to time, and I cannot wait to introduce our son to games as he gets older. I was excited to have the opportunity to review “the ultimate storytelling game” as it sounded like something we’re going to like a lot in our family.

I’m a fan of anything that gets storytelling going- that’s some of the best part of holiday and family gatherings are the memories and stories that come out. Allen Wolf wrote a fun game that is based on questions that provoke conversation, stories, jokes, and fun. He originally created it as a gift for two friends who were dating and wanted to get to know each other better.  It has an extra element of fun because many of these questions wouldn’t come up in normal conversation and part of the game is trying to figure out if someone is telling a true story or, as the title suggests, is pulling your leg. There is a game book for adults and the junior version, which I reviewed.

In the Junior version. there are fun and silly questions like “tell me about a time when you ate too much candy” or “tell me about your imaginary friend.” The game is in the easy book format so no special play devices or game sets are required, so no need to worry about losing pieces, instructions, or cards. It’s something you can play multiple times with different groups of people at different occasions because the stories are always going to be different. Even though our son is too small for this book now, I know it’s something we’ll use a lot in the future when he gets older. I’ve even asked Q some of the questions as I was reviewing it!

Check our the game website to see both versions of the book/game!

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