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So Long February

Even though this month brought some serious stress related to my day job, it was overall a good month.

Lots of relaxation time with Little Man and Q. A long weekend of much needed hibernation. Reading, coloring, and kitchen accomplishments. My taxes are done. The Walking Dead came back on and we started finally watching The Americans.

This month, my main goal was to do a spending fast, which was 90% successful. I didn’t buy any clothes or things for the house, but because of some wonky work weeks, we ended up eating out more than I wanted. Now this doesn’t come from my personal budget as food is mostly Q’s responsibility in the breakdown of our shared funds, but we both realized a few weekends that we had barely eaten anything from our own house. It’s good to be aware of it and I think it would have happened even if we did plan better with meals since the extra takeout or restaurant stops came because of schedule woes with both of our jobs.

The food and supply spending came from a much overdue trip to BJs for all the bulk buying, which will save us some cash in the long run ( and frustration since I hate running out of or rushing to buy toilet paper). Our food buying was way over budget because what has long been my regular market has increasingly become my least favorite place to shop as they never seem to have the sale items or other important things in stock. This meant I went to the market more often to get the things we needed and went to multiple spots. This may be my biggest pet peeve.

Other achievements include a long overdue, much needed deep cleaning of various spots around the house, which isn’t completely done yet, but I’m already feeling better about the cleanliness of our space.

What’s on tap for March? More cleaning, more tracking of spending and working towards paying down debt. Thinking about buying a car. Some birthday pampering. My main goal is to purge basement items- furniture, long ago used computers and electronics, and house supplies. Some of it’s a long overdue declutter, but mostly it’s just cleaning and organizing that I’ve been avoiding!

Happy Leap Day and welcome March!

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