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Tuesday Brain Dump

A few weeks ago I sat down and organized a calendar of topics and post ideas for the rest of the year. And then I proceeded to ignore it. Well, not ignore as much as acknowledge its presence in my planner and then proceed to go onto something else.

I feel like I’m going in a few different directions lately, but mostly I’ve been spending A LOT of time feverishly writing in my personal journal trying to work through the noise in my head. For that, you get this rambling, brain dump of a post.

We had Little Man over the weekend and it was a tough one. He’ll be 7 next week and it’s clear we’re moving into the stage of his childhood where he is starting to learn where the limits are- as in, how far can he go/what can he do before he gets called on it or is told to stop. Or the limit to which he can stretch bedtime or getting snacks, and so on. It was a weekend of testing limits and him stretching/learning to be defiant and outspoken. In some ways, I see this as a good step in his development, but gosh, there were definitely some tough moments of patience testing. I continue to struggle with my role as adult/friend/bonus mom and how he and I interact. It’s tough for both Q and I since we are not in control over much of anything when he is with his mother. We haven’t reached the “I don’t do that at Mom’s” or “Mommy lets me do this,” but I can see they are on the horizon. I’m practicing my best responses and hoping “because I said so” is not our default answer.

Other things swirling around in my universe are thinking about cars, home, and career. Being a one-car family now ( Q has a work truck for during the week), I think more about our transportation and logistics than ever before– sometimes it’s annoying and exhausting trying to figure out the musical chairs of drop offs/pick ups and so on. We’re contemplating another car just to have for emergencies and weekends, as well as the option of sticking it out with just one car longer, but getting a newer car, as mine has over 160k in miles and is almost 8 years old. Adult decisions like this make my head hurt.

As far as home goes, I’m trying to plan a few things for the house update-wise, all the while thinking about maybe upgrading a bit and moving on to a slightly bigger space. All I want is another bathroom and wee more counter space, maybe a third bedroom for my own office/reading/painting space. But the thought of cleaning a larger space makes my head hurt. We’ve been watching a lot of HGTV Tiny Houses and daydreaming about that. It’s not possible for us at this stage of life, but maybe someday I could live in one.

Other random things that are going on range from friends having babies, family health things, and general life to dos that I’m procrastinating about. My to do list has everything from “buy lawn bags” to “make a budget to get rid of student loans.” The last one really is comical!


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