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Short Girl Problems: Pants

This is going to be a bit of a pant-rant, if you will, so if you have no interest in listening to the woes of a short girl, you can stop reading now.

First off, my issue with pants is not limited to my short height- both my mother and soon to be sister in law  are both gorgeously tall, well and gorgeous too, both struggle with similar issues on the opposite end of the spectrum than my short girl problems. Also I know many average sized females who also struggle with pant woes because of changing nature of rise, fit, and the fact that a size 10 in one store is a size 12 somewhere else and so on.

These are not new complaints and the entire style/fashion blog world has weekly complaints, opinions, and manifestos on how to address the woe of proper fitting pants in our modern, consumer, vanity sized world.

My pant rant comes after trying on a pair of pants this weekend at Loft– a store I love and am faithful to for all things pant related, with the exception of denim jeans. I pretty much exclusively shop online because I have no patience for stores; I usually go once or twice a year to try on something I’ve seen online or to make sure I’m still wearing the right size. This recent trip to Loft was prompted by ordering the wrong size of pants online and needing to return. It also turned out to be an awesome opportunity for both my mother and I to try on pants since we’ve both lost some weight in the past few months. I knew I was a size smaller, but because I’ve got a bit of a booty, I’ve always worn the curvy fit there in the regular size, not the petite, even though I’m 5’2″. This always means pants are tailored at least 4 or 5 inches from the original hem in order to work for me- it’s usually more if I don’t plan on wearing heels with the pants.

So on this trip, I thought I’d try the petite sizes on again, to see if this weight loss would push me into that size category, plus get me out of having to spend $5-10 extra on each pair of pants to be tailored to my height. While the pants did fit in the petite size (though the fit in the rise was not super comfy), THEY WERE STILL WAY TOO LONG. Not like 2 inches too long. Like 4 or 5 inches still too long. Sure, petite ladies probably are used to wearing heels, but that doesn’t mean we want all of our pants to be required to be worn with 4-5 inch heels!! The funnier part of this still is that my super tall mother, who usually has to get talls in pants, not only did not need the tall size, but also must wear heels with her pants. What sort of glamazon person are they designing these pants for? It boggles my mind. At least we’re keeping our local tailor busy!

OK pant rant over. More interesting, observant, and deep thinking to come tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Short Girl Problems: Pants

  1. Oh this is one of my biggest issues with pants! I am 5’1″ but petite pants are typically cut for someone who is 5’5″. I realize I have the luxury of hemming pants versus someone who is tall and can’t find them long enough. But just once, I’d like to buy a pair of pants and have them fit without any additional work.

  2. I have this same problem – curvy and short! But petite sizes *usually* fit me. I’ve actually have a lot of luck with Loft. I’ve ordered from them a few times, and they are actually PERFECT on me (so perfect, I’m scared to wash them for fear of shrinking them, haha!) But it’s been a while since I’ve gotten any pants from them, so maybe they’ve changed something? I dunno. Finding pants that fit is such a hassle. I totally get it.

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