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Ten on Tuesday: Loving Myself

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It was surprisingly difficult to come up with ten things about myself that I love- not because I have a low self-confidence or self-awareness, but more because it seemed boastful and egotistical to think of myself in this way. In my opinion, it is only those things when you make it a point to say to the world how fabulous you think you are. To me, stating ten things about yourself that you love says that you have the grace and kindness with who you are to take a real honest inventory of strengths, weaknesses, areas to improve, etc.

In random order- 10 things I love about myself:

1. I’m a curious person/lifelong learner: I love learning new things, trivia, factoids about life, and learning about people. I have a curious mind that asks questions and am endlessly interested in finding answers, whether it be to silly things like finding out how old an actor is to looking up more information on giant squid.

2. I know I can do things and I always try: It may not look like the Pinterest picture ( does it ever?) or I may have to ask for help in the middle, but my stubborn streak makes me want to try something myself the first time around before calling in someone who knows what’s going on. This is a lesson I have definitely learned about myself in the past 2 years since getting divorced.

3. I feel just as confident out and about all made up as I do with a baseball hat and no makeup on.

4. I’m comfortable with my body, embracing curves, lumps, and bumps!

5. I’m goal oriented. Once I set my mind on something, it usually is hard to derail me. ( see above note about being stubborn!)

6. I know how to take care of myself: this isn’t just about being able to feed, clothe, and keep a roof over my head. I know when I need a rest, when I need to say no to going out in favor of a night in with a cup of tea and early bedtime. I know how to refuel myself when I feel frazzled and overwhelmed. It’s taken quite a long time to get to this place of self-awareness and self-care.

7. I’m decent in the kitchen: I’ve made a lot of clunkers and blah meals, but I’ll try anything once and am mostly successful.

8. I’m organized ( well except for that one closet in the office): I know where things are my house and am efficient and together at work with projects and time management. I remember dates of birthdays, buy gifts ahead of time, and generally have life together ( even though I don’t give myself credit for this all the time).

9. I’m a lover: I love my man, family, and friends fiercely and big ways. I share my love by making meals, helping with errands, and sending cards. I am open with affection and tell people who I care about what they mean to me.

10. I love that I practice gratitude daily– it’s this concept of life that I think has made me so self-aware because I am so thankful for the big and little things of life.


Ten on Tuesday: Food Edition

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Ten random facts about me & food!

1. I dislike almost all cooked fruit, in particular fruit pies. Not. A. Fan.

2. I like ketchup with cucumbers.

3. In my version of heaven, there is lots of bread, vegetables, shrimp, chocolate, and cheese.

4. I like trying and cooking new things, especially Indian and Thai dishes

5. I’m slightly afraid of deep frying things, but I love fried food

6. I’ll take delicious seafood of any kind over a steak any day.

7. I greatly dislike oatmeal, smoothies, wet cereal, milkshakes, some yogurt, and rice & tapioca pudding, but I love pudding. It’s a texture thing, but still sort of weird, right?

8. I love just about every vegetable under the sun, with Brussels sprouts and broccoli tied for first.

9. Chocolate and peanut butter, in any way I can get it, can make the worst situation seem far better.

10. Having a dessert in place of a meal, in particular breakfast or dinner, is not uncommon for me.

What sort of random food likes or dislikes do you have?

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