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The Power of Tea

I’ve long been a tea drinker. I have a very clear memory of my first cup of tea that my mother ( an avid tea drinker) made me one evening when I was maybe 9 or 10. She had a cup of tea every night after dinner and to me, my first cup of tea signaled some sort of arrival into being a grown up. That first cup was more milk and sugar than tea, but I loved it.

When I quit coffee years ago ( though I’m back to one cup a day now), it was black caffeinated tea that took away those first few cold turkey day jitters and green tea that got me through the afternoon slump. A mug of tea is my constant reading & movie companion. it gets me through work days in ways coffee can’t. When I sit down on my couch on a cold winter night, I want my down blanket throw, my man, and a cup of tea. I’ll drink hot cups of tea even in the worst summer heat.

To me, there is no problem that can’t be solved by having a cup of tea first. Of course it isn’t the tea that solves the problem, but the act of taking a few moments to calm down with a cup of it to get a clear head and relax. I also think almost any ailment can be soothed or healed with a good cup of tea- upset stomach, scratchy throat, or broken heart are all made a bit better in some way by drinking it. In the hours and days after my Dad died, drinking hot, milky sweet black teas were often the only thing I could stomach ( and often the only thing I could get my mom to have to!)

I love trying new teas and tea spots- my favorite is the Duck and Bunny in Providence, RI. Even more, I love introducing people to the fabulous world of tea drinking- I think my boyfriend is hooked on chai now!

I bought my mom a coaster with the following phrase on it, and it’s so true to me. Tea is restorative, meditative, soul nourishing stuff that anchors my day. 

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