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Summer Slow Down

Last night at yoga, my instructor decided to have us do a lot of focused stretching and breathing because for her, summer is always a crazy time of trying to fit in as much outside fun and excitement as possible, and she feels more harried in the summer than other times of year. I couldn’t agree more, but this summer, I’ve made a big effort to try not to plan much.

After the whirlwind that was the month of June ( cleanouts, garage sales, etc.), the entire family has been trying really hard to not do a whole lot the month of July. Fourth of July was pretty much a lazy three-day weekend and last weekend Q& I stayed in our PJs on Saturday until noon time. It was glorious.

Sure, I made a summer fun list. But it’s not something to be worried about if we don’t accomplish much on it. We’ve actually done a few things on it already, but done other fun stuff that wasn’t on the list like buying a small-ish inflatable pool for the backyard that provided over 12 hours of fun for us and Q’s son last weekend ( best $30 I ever spent!) We’ve had popsicles and ice cream for dinner on hot nights and already eaten 4 tomatoes from our garden and patio plants ( so good).¬†Yes, we have some yard and house projects we need to tackle, and we’re doing alright with some of them ( and avoiding the big ones, but that’s the life of homeowners!). Mostly, we’re trying to just relax and enjoy the gorgeous summer breezes, walks through our neighborhood, and the gloriousness that is living near the water ( though we haven’t made it to the beach yet).

Sometimes I worry that we’re boring or lazy because we don’t go out to do things more, and maybe we are. Some of it is budget/money concerns, but mostly, it’s because we love our home and our little life in it. We do need to get out of our bubble a lot more, especially when we don’t have Q’s son, but it’s kind of nice to enjoy quiet alone too. Q and I will probably try to be more social and get out a bit more so that we don’t fall into a funk, but mostly living up to the lazy days of summer is quite nice.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer, whether you’re running around or slowing down!


Summer 2014 Fun List

With the official start of summer over the weekend, I made my list for summer fun times.

1. Movie outside- Providence. Wizard of Oz. August 28. Not much is going to keep me from missing this.

2. Picnic

3. Date night in Boston

4. Beach

5. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, playing in sprinkler ( having a 5 year in my life has made everything so much more fun!)

6. Backyard sanctuary

7. Farmers markets

8. Homemade ice cream, popsicles

9. Kayaking or canoeing

10. Drinks by the water

What’s on your summer list?

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