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I’m Only Happy When It Rains

[Apologies if the Garbage song of 1995 gets stuck in your head. Also WOAH 1995!?!?! ]

OK so that’s not entirely true. I’m happy when it doesn’t rain, of course. But when a rainy day comes, I’m usually not too upset about it ( as long as it isn’t a week of rain, or rain every weekend, or a hurricane or something).

I think I like rainy days because it’s the universe giving me permission to stay home and do what I love the most- read books, drink warm beverages, and spend my day lounging in cozy sweaters and leggings. It’s not that I don’t do these things already when I want, but it’s hard to justify spending a day on the couch when the sun is shining and it’s warm out ( though I do love a cold sunny winter day too).

Rainy days seem to have some sort of special magic in them- as a kid, some of my favorite memories were from rainy days at home during vacations or weekends where we played endless games, had indoor picnics, made forts in the living room, or played hide and go seek with the best spots like hiding behind the shower curtain. If only there were a special ‘rain dispensation’ type of day off from work to enjoy it even more!

I love rainy days now because they call for comfort foods, coffee ( or tea or hot chocolate), movie/tv marathons, and cuddling. The sound of rain puts me to sleep like a baby any time of day ( well not at work or in the car, but you get my drift). They are days for contemplating, writing, and overall recharging for life.


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