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Pet Peeves

I’m not one to dwell on the negative things of life, but there are a few things that despite my positive attitude, I find it hard to overlook. I’m sure other things bother me from time to time, but here are the consistent ones.

Lack of consideration for fellow person

This is a pretty broad category of frustration but it extends to so many situations- while driving, standing in line, at work, etc. Nothing makes me more frustrated than when people don’t let you take a left turn, hold the door when they see you coming in/out, or edge you out in traffic to get somewhere 2 seconds fasted than me.

Not using blinker while driving 

Is it really that hard to remember to signal?!?!

Wasting food

This has long been a frustration of mine- well before my tight budget dictated using food in every way possible. This past weekend, I made a recipe ( pumpkin banana bread) and the person who gave me the recipe left out a main ingredient ( flour!) so when it came out of the oven it just fell right in. Of course, had I been paying real attention to what I was doing, I would have realized there was no flour in the recipe and corrected it– instead I threw out an entire loaf of what could have been yummy bread ( and breakfast for a few days!)



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