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New Name, New Hair!

FINALLY went and made it legal with the name change at Social Security and the RMV so I am officially back to myself again!

And with the new name, comes my new hair! One of my 2012 goals was to donate my hair to Locks of Love. It’s something I have done twice now- once when I graduated from high school and another when in college. My hair has always grown very quickly so I did not think it would take an entire year for my hair to grow out, but I guess as I have gotten older my hair has changed a bit.

My coworker commented that she couldn’t believe that I was going to chop my hair off since it was so nice and long, but that is precisely why I wanted to do it so that some little girl somewhere gets a great wig!

BEFORE- long and curly

AFTER- short, layered bob

10 inches!

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