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September= Feelings

A new month and one filled with a lot of feelings.

Dad’s birthday.

My mom moving.

My childhood house empty and waiting for a new family to love it.

Little Man starting first grade.

Decluttering our house and facing decisions about what to keep, what to give away.

Trying to make some decisions about future and begin making plans.

Lots of feelings over here. Not all bad. Lots of changesĀ and happy thoughts mixed in with some sadness, though more bittersweet as I know new beginnings are a step for all of us. It might not be a new school year for all of us ( though having a small child in our life puts us in that frame of mind) this September, but it is the start of a lot of newness, so we’re embracing the feelings and going forth on our new adventures. And hopefully, some cooler temperatures! ( I’m just cranky from this 90 degree heat with ridiculous humidity).


Happy September!


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