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Plans and Life

Sometimes you read something exactly when you need to hear it. It’s like the universe knows and then something appears to give you peace of mind and that feeling of sanity that breaks the worrying, overthinking cycle in your head.

Today it was this post over on one of my favorite blogs Yes and Yes.

As a person who has spent a good deal of her life planning and saving for the next step, the question mark that is my future at moment is equal parts terrifying and thrilling. For the first time possibly ever, I don’t have a five year plan. I’m not even sure I have a one year plan, other than to continue to be happy in everything- love, life, work, family, place I live.

And I’m happy knowing that life is shaking out like it’s supposed to and that some day, as I work my way through the questions and uncertainty, I’ll look around me and realize all is pretty good and things happened without a plan.


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