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Intentions & A Declaration

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The whole idea of setting intentions and going after them isn’t a new concept to me- in fact, I’ve been doing for most of my life– dreaming, planning, scheming, etc.–  it has always been a big part of me– thinking about what was next, what I wanted ( or didn’t want), and how to go about it.

I’ve made goals to accomplish at the start of each calendar year, lists of intentions for new seasons, and tried to be mindful of each of these things as each new month started.

But now I find myself at a bit of a crossroads. I haven’t accomplished a whole lot on my goals for the year, but that’s also because I’ve been readjusting and course correcting as life happens. I’ve recently found myself over thinking, over analyzing, and maybe doing a bit too much self-discovery ( or maybe not enough of the right kind?).  At some point it feels like I should stop thinking and writing about how I feel and just go out and do some action, without wondering how I would feel or what impact is has on my grand goals of life. The problem is that my new, trying to be laid back, flexible, and open attitude doesn’t quite fit with my A-type, organized, push to success personality at times. I’m in a constant struggle to figure out what I want next in my career and life and actually living in the moment to enjoy what I have today.

In the past five years, I have had A  LIFE. House, engagement, wedding, marriage, divorce, budget woes, dating and finding love again, etc. In the year and a half of separation and divorce, the intention was one thing only: survive. Now I’m on the other side with about a zillion possibilities of love, life, home, career and my intention of enjoying every day becomes hard to see when at every turn it feels like I need to be thinking about what’s next.

I feel that something new and different is on the horizon for me & am feeling the best I have felt since probably graduate school over six years ago. But I don’t know what that is. So my new declaration of intention is clear:  stop worrying and keep wondering;  let the opportunities and possibilities present themselves, and  be open to whatever comes my way. 

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