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Death of Google Reader

I, like millions of others, am still very sad/mad about the death of Google Reader. Mostly because I find that I’m not reading/engaging with blogs anywhere near as much now as I was before with Reader. Anyone else find this too?

I switched both to The Old Reader and feedly when Reader died back in June. After a few hiccups with The Old Reader, I’ve stuck with feedly. I’m not super in love, but it does it purpose ( for the most part).

I was, like every other internet thing, late to the blogging reading world ( and even later to the ‘being a blogger’ world). Google Reader was my place where I was able to organize blogs I read for work, fun, and to follow people I was finding online. It opened my world up to new museums, new people who changed my life, and so many delicious ( and some not!) recipes.

I read blogs throughout the day, but they are a huge part of my morning routine both during the week and on the weekends. They have been my constant companion during work lunchtimes at my desk. When I received my iPad for Christmas, blog reading became even more fun and accessible.

All of that hasn’t changed for me now that Reader is gone. I still love blogs, but I find I’m not reading as many of them as in the past, missing a lot of posts by some of my favorite bloggers, and definitely not engaging/commenting as much as I used to. Some of it I think is because of feedly’s format and how easy it is to scan the blog articles by title without seeing more of the post and pictures. I’ve also stopped following some food related blogs because the content is often duplicated on Pinterest, the spot I’ve designated for organizing my online brain. In general though, feedly and some of the other blog reading aggregators just don’t feel as useful, good, or fun as Reader. Change is hard and when it’s your favorite online tool that goes away, it’s tough to throw yourself into the new thing in the same way.

Anyone else feel like their blog reading/experiencing has changed since the death of Google Reader?

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