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5 on Friday (#2)

1. I’m so over winter.

2. Work has been steady busy, which has been good in trying to get my brain focused again. This weekend I’m determined to not be super lazy and feel like I’ve done something productive, even if it’s just a bit of cleaning and organizing my sock drawer- thrilling life I know, but cohabitation has led to quite the mismatch of socks!

3. Netflix TV show recommendation: An Idiot Abroad. Part travelogue, part silliness. Really funny and Ricky Gervais is behind it.

4. I’m not sure if it’s the 5 year itch or too much Pinterest, but I’ve been daydreaming of moving and features of a new house that I’d love (entryway, a 1/2 bath, not a galley kitchen).

5. We moved a treadmill into the basement from my parent’s house which has been great. Watching shoes and movies on the iPad while walking/running on treadmill has made it so much more bearable and enjoyable for me. Currently, I’m rewatching HBO’s Big Love, which I got into just as it was ending, but never saw the earlier seasons.

Happy weekend!


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