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Friday Finds November 2019

I’m sure after Thanksgiving yesterday the last thing you are thinking about are sweets, but I found this brief history of the Entenmann’s family very interesting. Also made me want some of their amazing soft-baked chocolate chip cookies while reading it.

Women who ruled in Wyoming in 1920.

Fashion and resistance in Nazi Europe.

I’m an early 80s baby so when people call me a millenial, I cringe, especially because I’m an old soul who was late to all the tech trends (I’d probably still have a flip phone if I could). Thankfully, whoever is in the business of naming the generations has found a name for the group of kids born in the late 70s and early 80s ( a microgeneration, apparently) who were on the cusp of the big changes that technology brought, but still remember “the good ole’ days:” Xennials.

A very brief history of TV trays. Did you have TV trays growing up? It was a special treat when we could eat in front of the TV and was often on weekends. I don’t have them in my house now as we eat on the coffee table that’s in front of the TV instead lol.

This is a great interview with Tom Hanks, who is definitely a living person I’d love to have over for dinner.

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