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Friday Finds September 2019

Regular posting coming back- back at work after maternity leave ended a few weeks ago so took me a bit to find my groove! Until then, some fun internet finds!

If you’re in New England, you know fall is the most glorious time because of the changing colors of the leaves ( among other fall-related things). Here’s a brief history of leaf peeping!

A forgotten female in cinema history.

And another lesser known woman of history, and her forgotten book full of historic signatures and personal notes.

Not an article, but a recommendation! As usual, I’m always late to the party when it comes to websites and various online tools that have been around for years. In the slew of baby-related purchases over the past few months, it was completely overwhelming trying to figure out the best products, value, etc. has become my new go-to for recommendations. Shout out to my aunt for telling me about it!


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