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Random Musings

Pregnancy brain has my thoughts all over the place so forgive this post which is evidence of the random things bouncing around in my brain!

I joined a few online marketplace/yard sale groups on Facebook since I thought I might find a few good bargains for some of the items we need/want for baby. Mostly this is not the case and it’s a lot of people selling things like DVD box sets of old TV shows for practically nothing. Part of me laughs every time I see this because it’s so random and the amount of money never seems like it’s worth the hassle of dealing with people, setting up meetups for cash/stuff exchange, etc. Might just be me, but my sanity and time has a price and it’s worth more than $15 for some DVDs!

People ask me all the time how I’m feeling now that I’m over the halfway mark of the pregnancy. I think people ask to show they are interested and/or they don’t know what else to talk about, but I miss people asking how I’m doing instead of just how the pregnancy is going. I guess this begins the struggle of maintaining my individual self over baby!

Also when people ask me how I’m feeling, most of the time I don’t tell them the whole truth because TMI. No one wants to hear about my horrible heartburn and acid reflux, the random back pains, or how I can barely put my socks on. Or the opposite is true with women who have been pregnant before who then want to tell you their horror stories. I guess I’ll probably fall into that category after this whole growing a human process is over.

Does anyone else hoard their Amazon delivery boxes because you know there will be a day when you need them? I am especially obsessed with boxes that are good sizes for books because in my mind I’m always donating them to the library, when in reality, this only ever really happens every two years or so since I have some sort of block on reading from the books I own shelf. Although in my defense, many of my Amazon boxes have gone onto greater good like passing along to folks who are moving or using them when we did our purge/donations.

What’s randomly on your mind these days?


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One thought on “Random Musings

  1. Hey girl, how are you? Yeah, YOU!

    I am a fellow Amazon box hoarder. You never know when they’ll come in handy 😉

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