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Life Lately: March

March has been…..stressful.

This is the busiest month of the year for me at work and this year, but it feels extra bananas because of new staff and initiatives.

The ridiculous weather in New England (3 nor’easters in a week and one more in forecast for next week) has been incredibly difficult at my museum, with lots of leaks and issues with the building from all the wind and rain. One of the storms happened on March 1 and clearly has set the tone for the month. I actually was fearful I wouldn’t make it home as the high winds caused bridge closures from tractor trailers that flipped over. Since I have to cross at least one to get home (though the way that has 2 bridges is faster), it was quite a panicked and stressful ride.

Then I was supposed to go away for a work conference, and a huge nor’easter snowstorm stopped that in its tracks. The snow day off from work was much needed, though I could have done without shoveling 15″ of snow.

One of the many New England winter storms from satellite imagery

The various storms have, thankfully, not been too bad at home, and with the exception of a few leaks, we’ve been very lucky, only losing power for a few minutes each time ( or not at all), which is a true blessing since there have been people who were out for days. My neighbor is a lineman with the local electric company and he’s actually been out working throughout the state of MA and RI for the past 13 days, with only some time home for sleeping. Q and I are super happy we had all the tree work done over the summer because I know for sure some of our trees would have ended up dangerously close to the house or the wires after some of these unreal storms. But every storm is nervewracking and brings out all my worries as a homeowner, so I’ll be happy when we get out of this unsettled pattern we seem to be in.

But there’s much to look forward to– after my museum opens for the season, my work calms down and I start to enjoy it again! And we’re going to Utah at the end of April which is a much needed vacation together and to see family, plus 10 days out of the office, which I might need the most right now. And today is Q and I’s 5th anniversary– nothing special planned in the immediate future, but we’ll definitely go out for a nice dinner on a weekend in the next few weeks.

Hope your March is going well! Anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring here in New England.


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