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To put it simply, I would have been completely fine with letting this birthday pass me by. In fact, work has been so busy that I almost did! When cards arrived in the mail last week from my grandmother and aunt, I actually had a moment of “huh?” because it was still February and my sense of dates and the calendar has been all out of whack lately.

I’m not a huge birthday person for myself. I don’t particularly like being the center of attention and like to just keep to myself most of the time. When family asked what I wanted to do, I honestly meant it when I said nothing. All I ever want as an adult is to not have to work on my birthday. Since it fell on a Sunday this year, it was the perfect day to sleep late, read books, and relax.

And that’s pretty much how the day has gone. My family came over for birthday cake and Q bought me a necklace, but otherwise, it’s been low-key and uneventful. I think people make a big deal over birthdays because they feel like they need to celebrate you in some way, but it means more to me for people to send me notes, messages, or call than it does to have some sort of event about the day.

As I start into my mid-thirties, I feel like life is more uncertain for the next few years ahead than they were when I was 25 or even 30. A lot has happened in a year, and I’m sure the year ahead will be equally eventful, though I pray it won’t be as filled with sadness, anxiety, or stress. I am cautiously optimistic about some things at my day job and we have a vacation coming up in 40-something days to anticipate. Those positive lights on the horizon will get me through the next few crazy weeks at work ( this happens every March!)


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  1. Happy birthday again, friend. I hope you enjoyed your day. I think birthdays should be celebrated, but I agree, it doesn’t need to be a big event… just do something that you love to do!

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