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Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women

August in Review, September Preview

The two things I’m most proud of from August:

  • Setting some more work boundaries
  • Work night routine mashup- some nights we did chores around house, others we watched movies, or I went for walks. But we didn’t just sit around like blobs!

The two things I’m most grateful for from August:

  • A few long weekends that were much needed
  • Martha’s Vineyard

The lesson I learned and am carrying forward with me from August: I am my own worst critic and don’t give myself enough credit for a lot of things

My intention for September: Be honest and intentional in work, life, and self

One thing I aim to do everyday in September is: practice gratitude and prayer

Because I am brave, here are 2 new things I will do in September:

  • Every month I’ve said it, but this month it will happen- send out 2 short stories
  • Apply for jobs outside my comfort zone/current field

The one book I definitely want to read in September is: 4th Harry Potter!

Something I want to experiment with in September is: no clothes shopping. I’ve done it before, but then as I lost weight, I had to buy wardrobe staples. This summer I’ve taken advantage of far too many sales for no reason other than online shopping is often my boredom fighter!

Just for fun, I will: go apple picking.

As an act of intentional kindness, I will: make donations to Hurricane Harvey relief.

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