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Friday Finds August 2017

This is my type of camping.

Money can buy happiness in form of a housekeeper and takeout. Amen to that, especially the takeout! I always say, my sanity has a price.

Parting with collectibles. Also- the stuff you have is never really worth what you think it will be because in the end, it’s just stuff and there’s almost always someone else who has the same (or better!) stuff than you.

As a side note, a few months ago I did an informal Facebook poll of friends and colleagues who also worked in museums/libraries. I found for the most part that there weren’t a ton of “collectors” in the group that were in the younger age bracket. Maybe it’s because we work with stuff everyday that means we don’t have any in our home lives. A few people did have collections, but were very picky about what they brought into their home.



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One thought on “Friday Finds August 2017

  1. Oh, glamping looks wonderful 🙂

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