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July in Review, August Preview

Bringing this back from last year….

The two things I’m most proud of from July:

  • Making it a priority to completely be with family on weekends and not checking work emails
  • Surviving my day job ( there are some days it is a struggle).

The two things I’m most grateful for from July:

  • 4 day mini staycation on 4th of July weekend
  • Fresh, local produce in abundance- it took a little longer than usual this year because of all the rain we had through June, but we’re definitely reaping the rewards now!

The lesson I learned and am carrying forward with me from July: I am more than my job.

My intention for August: All about me/us– what do we want for the future and how can we get there?

One thing I aim to do everyday in August is: practice gratitude, meditate, and ask myself “what did I do today that was worth my time?”

Because I am brave, here are 2 new things I will do in August:

  • Try a different type of yoga at new studio
  • Send out 2 short stories for review

The one book I definitely want to read in August is: The third Harry Potter book!

Something I want to experiment with in August is: My work night routine. More often than not, I come home feeling mentally/emotionally exhausted and end up a blob on the couch, sometimes not even reading, but passively on social media, watching garbage on TV. It’s a really bad habit that doesn’t help me feel better.

Just for fun, I will: go to Martha’s Vineyard– I haven’t been since I was a teenager.

As an act of intentional kindness, I will: make some treats for coworkers who are in a similar job hole as I am- solidarity and food!


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One thought on “July in Review, August Preview

  1. Oh yoga. I have to go back. Thanks for the reminder.

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