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Summer Fun

Happy July! It’s actually been a full month already for me and we’re only 11 days in!

With the dreadful rainy spring we had, I’m taking every opportunity to enjoy summer fun while it’s still here. Knock on wood, the weather has been delightful without a lot of humidity or super hot temperatures. Some July 4ths in the past few years have been unbearably hot, but this year was quite pleasant. I took the Monday off for a much needed extra long weekend away from work.

I’ve managed to do many things on my summer fun list- we went strawberry picking, I’ve been to the beach ( though only once), enjoyed eating outside and relaxation time by the water, and eaten lunch outside at work a couple times too. I’m excited for blueberry picking, a new open air market in my town, and am anxiously awaiting local tomatoes from my favorite farm stand.

We don’t have any vacation plans quite yet, but are hoping to make it over to Martha’s Vineyard to see Q’s family at least for the day in August. I’d like to take a vacation in September, since that month has turned into more of a summer month than fall around these parts the past few years. With kids back in school and life quieted down a bit, I think traveling in September is more our speed too.

Hope your July is filled with plenty of lazy days enjoying a good book, watermelon, and sunshine!

Bristol, RI

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2 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. Enjoy the summer! 🙂

  2. It sounds like you’re having a fun summer! I chose your blog for my post of the day. Stop by to see the post Have a great day!

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