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Friday Finds April 2017

Unlike Betty Crocker ( an imagined person), Duncan Hines was a real person and he has a lot more to do with food than just cake mix.

In praise of book towers. While I don’t have book towers, but I have quite the stack of unread books on my basement shelves. I have very few read books though because a few years ago I realized I was never going to re-read the books, so sent them along to the library book sale to be loved by someone else. I have only a handful of books that I kept because I loved them so much and only loan them people who I know will return ( Baker Towers by Jennifer Haigh is one of them).

Speaking of books, it looks like I was ahead of the game with audiobooks. They are the newest ‘trend’ in the book publishing world because of the new obsession with productivity. I just like them for making my commutes more enjoyable!

Who doesn’t love Pyrex? Antique/vintage Pyrex is a hot item for secondhand/thrift shops.

A short history on capes. I’ve never owned one and not sure I have a lifestyle that would even need one, but they are lovely!

Italian fashion designers are using their own archives to inspire new collections. Love this– and some gorgeous images here.


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