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Springtime Inspiration with iRazoo

This time of year, despite the busy-ness of my day job, has me antsy to open the windows, clear the air in the house, and get cleaning. Q and I are homebodies so after a season spent hunkering down and spending a lot of time at home, I get pretty excited to spring clean and declutter the house. This so-called spring in New England has not brought a ton of warm, sunny days for that, but all these rainy weekends provide ample time to linger over Pinterest looking for inspiration and taking part in iRazoo’s blog offerings of various tips, techniques, and ideas for getting the house in order. They also offer paid surveys which are great for me to pass the time while Q watches a movie I’m not interested in seeing.

This spring, the biggest effort for me has been trying to get our basement in order. It’s just about a completely finished basement ( minus the laundry and utilities area), so we’re lucky to have a whole space in the house that’s pretty much a blank slate. Q claimed an area of it for his workout zone long ago, but the rest of the space had become the holding area/dumping ground for various things– furniture we didn’t want to part with, extra household supplies, off-season clothing, random Little Man toys, and of course, LOTS of dust and spiders. Despite this, I was anxious to get it more organized and clean to have another space for our family to enjoy.

These are the built ins in my basement, before we filled them up!

Q’s workout area is located over here now too. 

We have moved furniture around, putting my desk down there from Little Man’s room and moving up a chest of drawers from basement into his room instead. I made a corner of the room just for the furniture and items to be donated ( and already made an appointment for them to be picked up!). We pushed some things against the wall, utilized the built-in shelves for various games, toys, books, and more. It’s not quite there yet so no reveal shots quite yet, but we’re well on the way to have a space that fits our needs– a place for Q to work out, a quiet place for me to write, and organization for the stuff of life.


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