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Whole30: Halfway There

Halfway through the Whole30!

How am I feeling?

Honestly? Pretty darn good.

The first few days of the Whole30 were tough– I had an almost constant headache, though that could have also been hormonal. I was definitely exhausted in the afternoons, which I expected. I wanted donuts, which is weird because it’s not something I eat on a regular basis. I attribute this mostly to social media where various folks were posting about a few new gourmet donut places that have opened around me in the last few months.

I thought the first weekend we had Little Man, which occured on days 3-5, I would cave when making food for him, but through a series of events, he only ended up having one meal and snacks at our house that weekend, both of which had no appeal to me ( ham& cheese sandwich and Cheezeits). We did go out to eat as a family and it took me longer to read through the menu to find a suitable option (grilled salmon with broccoli, though steak was also available).

The Whole30 is expensive and we’re at the store more than usual because we’re going through a lot of the veggies faster than I anticipate because we’re snacking a lot on them. I’m trying to buy some things frozen so that we can save a bit there. Q is slowly weaning himself back into regular food at this point, as his super fast metabolism is making it hard for him to not be hungry all the time. This weekend alone, he went through 4 bags of sugar snap peas and 2 bags of beef jerky just in snacks! He has been incredibly supportive, but we’d need a second job to afford all the food he eats!

Even after we end this experiment, I think we’ll continue to keep a lot of the Whole30 ideas going. Q and I both admit to getting lazy with cooking and buying items that were more convenient like bottled marinades that are basically just flavored sugar instead of making our own easily at home. I’m not sure that I’ll do coffee with cream and sugar anymore, or it might just become a special weekend treat when Q and I can have a fresh brewed cup and enjoy it, instead of my quick on the go coffee for my commute.

I think this whole experiment has just made us more aware about what we eat, how we make it, etc. but I definitely will be having cheese as soon as I can!

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2 thoughts on “Whole30: Halfway There

  1. This is interesting…. but I am also glad to hear that there is somebody else out there who lives with someone with an enormous appetite 🙂 when I see other’s grocery lists, I always wonder how they live off that for a whole week! LOL
    I haven’t tried Whole30 and am hesistant if that is something I would want to try. Would you recommend it?

  2. KrissyCos on said:

    I wanted to do Whole30 as a challenge to myself and a necessary food reset. I don’t think it’s necessary for everyone to do things like this if they don’t feel they need to re-evaluate what is/isn’t working for them with eating habits, meals, etc. For me, I knew we were getting lazy with prepared foods, takeout, and not always making the healthiest choices, so it’s definitely been an eye opener at how with some planning and thinking, it’s pretty easy to stay on track.

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