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2016 in Review

Was 2016 a good year? It didn’t go as I hoped, but there were some important lessons and personal growth, so not a total flop.

New states visited: 1

Hours spent watching Star Wars with Little Man: At least 1460, but likely much, much more

Books read ( or listened to): 54 (2 more than my goal of 52)

Number of dinners ruined: Maybe 5? I should keep an accounting of this, but it’s happening less and less.

Number of 2016 resolutions kept: I don’t make resolutions, but choose a word and then focus on goals and practices that help me live that ideal out. 2016 was “embrace” and I feel like I did that with everything from my day job, dreams about the future, and embracing my current stage of life.

Debts repaid: Credit card debt gone! Made little to no dent in student loans and took on a car loan, but have great goals for debt repayment in 2017.

House projects completed: 3 1/2 (yard cleanup, new garage roof, basement cleanout, new blinds for bathroom, but still none for kitchen), plus a ton of cleaning out of stuff

Days I felt like there was no hope: Only one- November 9th.

Moments filled with laughter and love: Too many to count!


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One thought on “2016 in Review

  1. Yeah, November 9th will go down in history of the day I saw the glass half empty. sigh.

    Love the rest of your recap. 54 books is impressive. I managed 13.

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