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Random Musings

Random musings lately…

-I begin my commute a little before 7am each week day. I see a TON of people on the phone when they’re driving. Who the heck are they talking with? I can barely get my mind together before coffee in the morning and relish my quiet time in the car to wake up my mind. If someone wanted to call to chat that early, I’d ignore them!

-Do you ever think about clothes/accessories you no longer have but loved dearly? I’ve been thinking about that lately as I’m going through the arduous process of cleaning out closets and getting rid of stuff. Mostly it’s shoes that I miss, though there are a handful of pieces of clothing I think about longingly ( though they wouldn’t fit!)

– I sometimes daydream about jobs that seemingly have no stress or worry– does such a thing exist? I think I have a pretty decent work-life balance, but I still find myself dreaming about work or worrying about it after hours, especially on Sunday nights. I think back to my days in retail or some of my student worker jobs through the years, and try to remember if I had stress related to them or not.

– We bought a new car ( an SUV!) about 2 weeks ago ( like only 25 miles on it at the time- new) and I’m still getting used to it. Every time I get in it, I wonder if people think I’m a soccer mom or something (nope, just wanted something better for the winter).

-I’ve said it so many times, but I dislike Halloween. Last year we had Little Man for it so it was fun to see his excitement, but overall it’s kind of annoying to me. Despite this, I bought a pair of Halloween socks to have some sort of festive excitement. I should probably pick up some candy for the 15 or so kids who come to my house so we don’t get egged again ( yep, that happened!)




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3 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. I would say my job is fairly stress-free. It can be a little more nutty when I have a lot of deadlines falling around the same time, but overall, it’s not bad and I very rarely take work home. And no Sunday night anxiety, either!

    I also do not like Halloween. I’ve been stressing about what I will dress up as for work and I think I decided I’m just not going to dress up as anything. I don’t see the point, really.

  2. KrissyCos on said:

    Agreed on the dressing up!

  3. I could not – repeat, COULD NOT – have phone conversations at 7 a.m. .

    I definitely think about some shoes/clothes that I longer have and that I wish I had bought seconds and thirds off. Man, why don’t they make these things anymore?

    My day-to-day job is fairly stress free, although I get stressed out by my work load sometimes, because I juggle tasks for at least 5 people at a time and it’s just stressful to keep deadlines and demands straight. I hope that will change in the near future.

    Congrats on the new car. An SUV! 🙂

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