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Finally, Vacation

A few weeks ago, Q and I hightailed it over to San Francisco to visit my aunt and grandmother, but more importantly, to get some much needed time away from work and the routine of life. I’ve been to the Bay Area several times in the years my aunt has lived there, but this was Q’s first time to the area, so we did a mix of tourist stuff and general vacation relaxing.


The weather was fantastic, the food was delicious, and the company amazing. Q, by his own admission, is not a great traveler, but had a great time, even despite traffic and some crowds.

And, after a failed attempt a few years ago, I was able to meet up with the lovely San! Love when I can finally meet in person someone I’ve ‘known’ online all these years.


Overall, it was a treat to get away and spend time with family and as a couple. Mostly, it was good to be away from our routines of life and work, giving us some much needed relaxation and perspective on life.


Muir Woods

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One thought on “Finally, Vacation

  1. Yay, I am so glad I finally got to meet you (and Q!!). ❤

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