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Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women

May in Review, June Preview

Thanks to Nicole for her awesome monthly review questionnaire from her weekly notes email to inspire me!

The two things I’m most proud of from May:

  • Successful hosting of Mother’s Day lunch for family
  • Saving time & sanity by hiring a landscaper for backyard cleanup (I’m stubborn about hiring people to do things!)

The two things I’m most grateful for from May:

  • Fun weekends with Q and Little Man
  • All the birthdays and celebrations for my amazing family ( Mother’s Day, birthdays for Q, my aunt, my brother and sister-in law & their anniversary)

The lesson I learned and am carrying forward with me from May: Hiring someone is sometimes the smartest solution for my sanity ( and Q’s!)

My intention for June: Same as May- Relax, enjoy, and ponder.

One thing I aim to do everyday in June is: go outside!

Because I am brave, here are 2 new things I will do in June:

  • Try to go vegetarian for a week ( just me, I don’t think my carnivore partner would be down for this)
  • Go to an author reading ( Jennifer Haigh!)

The one book I definitely want to read in June isHeat& Light by Jennifer Haigh. I found her book The Baker Towers by accident years ago and it’s one of my favorites of all time. I’ve read everything she’s written, short stories and all, and find her to be a masterful storyteller. This book’s about fracking which I don’t know a lot about, so looking forward to it ( already 30 pages in).

Something I want to experiment with in June is: Changing my weeknight routines. Now that we’re not watching as much TV or movies as we do in the winter months, I’m going to try to spend more time on house and yard projects I hope.

Just for fun, I will: go berry picking!

As an act of intentional kindness, I will: connect with friends and family, make actual plans, and make them happen!

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