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Friday Finds May 2016

I read a lot of things around the internet on a daily basis, some for work, some for fun. It probably says a lot about me that most of these are about women, are history-related, and are lesser known bits of life ( with the exception of the last one). Enjoy!

The book is on my to-read list, but this was a great synopsis:

The Rise of Rocket Girls: The Untold Story of the Remarkable Women Who Powered Space Exploration

Maybe it’s because I’m from Kennedy country and work in a city that has a lot of Kennedy history and folklore, but I always find Kennedy stories interesting.  Jackie Kennedy’s relationship with her sister was complicated. I didn’t know both sisters had been involved with Aristotle Onassis!

Fashion history- particularly female designers you’ve never heard of- is increasingly becoming a bigger research interest of mine. Here are two articles I found interesting: Victorian fashion and tuberculosis and Angels Costumes, a female-focused, Jewish-owned, London based business that made costumes for some of the most well-known films.

Perfect for spring: The lost gardens of Emily Dickinson.

And lastly, this amazing woman, Jane Little, who spent her years playing bass in the orchestra, passed away doing what she loved. Q and I watched a profile about her on TV not too long ago, so was sad to hear of her passing. In light of my last post about finding a passion and making it work, this seems like an amazing reminder that there are lucky people out there who do what they love everyday, and die doing the thing that brings them the most joy.

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