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Friday Finds- April 2016

The busy pace of life had me saving far less articles this month!

Why do older people love Facebook? While I don’t LOVE Facebook, I do like being able to keep tabs on some of my favorite people, especially since I’m horrible on the phone.

I really like The Olympics. I would never watch swimming, diving, or ski jumping any other time, but there’s something about The Olympics that makes me glued to the TV watching these random sports. Maybe it’s because these athletes have spent so much of their lives preparing for this moment. In any case, this is a great article about a male synchronized swimmer.

As a history geek, I love reading about company archives, particularly those with such a huge following like L.L. Bean. Some great shots of the original duck boots!

Another fascinating woman you’ve never heard of ( and I hadn’t either til I read this): Edith Rosenbaum Russell, fashion designer who survived Titanic– among other fascinating tidbits

A great remembrance and personal story about a music critic and Prince.


Happy weekend!

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