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The Liebster Award

Nominated by San, the Liebster Award means “loveliest” or “most favorite.”



The rules are pretty simple. You’ve probably seen blog awards go around on the internet – in one form or another. I love learning things about others + it’s fun when I have prompts from others to answer so here we go.

  1. Answer the questions that the blogger picked out for you, then come up with 11 questions that you like to have answered.
  2. Choose 2-11 people for the award and link to their blogs in your post.
  3. Go to their blog and tell them about the award nomination!
  4. No tag backs!

1. What is your favorite beauty product? Mascara. I think I have small eyes so I wear it almost every day.
2. If you could pick any place/city to move to for a year, where would you want to go?  English countryside. I have never been outside of London, but I think the quiet and village atmosphere would be lovely for a year.
3. What is the one thing you like best about your home? The sunroom, AKA my happy place. I love the warmth during the day in the winter and the cool breezes on a summer night. It’s the perfect spot for reading, napping, or lounging.
4. What are your favorite pair of shoes? Clarks brown leather booties with a low heel- I’ve now reached the age where comfort often trumps style, but these shoes are both!
5. What is your favorite travel destination? Somewhere I’ve never been before! I love finding new places to explore.
6. If you could have one do-over, what would it be?  I would not have gotten married. Even though the divorce led me to a new understanding of myself and what I wanted from life and brought me to Q, I definitely would take a do-over on that.
7. What is something you are currently struggling with? Next steps in life and career!
8. Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Breakfast. Give me some pancakes or French toast over anything else!
9. Who is your celebrity girl crush? Melissa McCarthy
10. Why did you start blogging? Writing was the only way that I was able to make sense of all the emotions and issues that were happening in life back in 2010-2011. Blogging was a huge part of bringing me back to the true me and connected me with some truly amazing people who helped me on my journey.
11. Tell me about one of your plans for this summer. I’m looking forward to going blueberry picking- I forget every year how much more amazing local fruit tastes! Hoping to have a freezer filled with local blueberries to enjoy well after the season is done.


I nominate: Gina and Alycia!

Here are the questions:

  1. What’s your favorite time of day?
  2. What modern technology could you not live without?
  3. What was your favorite cartoon as a child?
  4. Who do you call when you need a listening ear?
  5. What’s the worst vacation you ever took?
  6. Is there any place in the world you would never travel to?
  7. What’s your least favorite household chore?
  8. What celebrity awards show would you most like to attend?
  9. Are you allergic to anything?
  10. What was the last movie you watched?
  11. If time/money/education were not a concern, what would you really be doing for work/career?

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One thought on “The Liebster Award

  1. Yay! Thanks for playing along… I love reading your answers to my questions. I love Melissa McCarthy, too…. so funny! And I am envious of your sun-room… that sounds lovely. I am really glad we finally have a backyard to enjoy in the summer.

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