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Kitchen Goal: Homemade Bread

As a lover of food, I have a few ‘kitchen goals’ that have long been on my to do list. Making a meal for a major holiday, risotto at home, and others, have almost annually moved from one list to another. For whatever reason, they are seldom accomplished. That changed this weekend- I successfully made, from scratch, homemade bread!

Bread dough

I used the famous NY Times no-knead bread recipe; years ago I was at a gathering where someone made it and commented on how easy it was to make, so I was hooked. When I still lived at home, I gave it a try once but I misread the recipe or over measured or something because the dough was a wet, sloppy mess and I ended up throwing it out. This time, I read the recipe several times over and made sure I paid attention to everything, even reading the comments and reading them aloud to Q several times too.

I was fully expecting that for my first attempt at a load of bread that it was going to be a flop, but it wasn’t!

Bread loaf

It looked amazing and tasted delicious too. I’m quite proud of myself.

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One thought on “Kitchen Goal: Homemade Bread

  1. OMG, that looks so good. Way to go!

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