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Friday Finds February 2016

Here are some great things I’ve read around the internet!

I related to this so well- extroverted introverts view of the world– ambiverts!

I’ve always said I’m more productive in the winter. Turns out this time of year does something with our brains, and it’s not seasonal affectiveness disorder.

My coworkers and I often joke around that we peaked at our success in college when we were overachieving A students, giving us a life of disappointment since ( only half kidding). Turns out the “Cs get degrees” mentality might have made us happier in life. 

If I didn’t spend most of my day trying to figure out mysteries of the past, I’d probably be working on these volunteer transcription projects from the Smithsonian in my spare time.

The truth about 18th century women’s necklines. I’m a history nerd if you didn’t notice.


Happy weekend everyone!

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One thought on “Friday Finds February 2016

  1. Oh, eye-opening… I think I might be an extroverted introvert!

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